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Protecting Your Identity

Scams and fraud surrounding tax reporting have been steadily increasing as technology continues to make sensitive information accessible. IRS-impersonation calls, emails, and texts asking for personal information should never be responded to. The IRS will only issue correspondence through the mail.

One way you can protect your identity is to ask the IRS for an Identity Protection Pin (IP PIN). The IRS will then send you a six-digit number that you will enter directly on your individual tax return. Without the accurate IP PIN, returns filed on your behalf won’t be processed. Keep in mind if you file for an IP PIN, you will receive a new six-digit code each year. You can get an IP PIN online through the IRS website:

Sometimes the IRS mandates using an IP PIN if you’ve been the victim of identity fraud in the past. However, if you are looking for added security, you can request an IP PIN through your IRS Online account. If you notice any fraudulent activity, such as emails and text messages, contact the IRS right away.

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